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Deploy as a Microservice

The topaz run command will run the docker container in interactive mode. The following docker command can be used to run the container as a microservice.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

docker run \
-ti \
--rm \
--name topaz \
--platform=linux/amd64 \
-p 8282:8282 \
-p 8383:8383 \
-p 8484:8484 \
-p 9292:9292 \
-v $PWD/certs:/certs:rw \
-v $PWD/cfg:/app/cfg:ro \
-v $PWD/eds:/app/db:rw \ run \
--config-file /app/cfg/config.yaml

Note that this command expects the config.yaml file to be in $PWD/cfg/config.yaml. The configuration file can be created using the topaz configure command, documented here.