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Run as a binary

Topaz releases are available on github. The tarball contains both the topaz CLI (which can be used to create a configuration file), as well as topazd (which can be run as a daemon, and provides the authorizer APIs).

Download the tarball

Downloads are available for Linux (amd64, arm64); MacOS (amd64, arm64); and Windows (zip, MSI).

For example, for Linux amd64:

curl -L >

For Linux arm64:

curl -L >

Unzip the tarball

inflating: LICENSE
inflating: topazd
inflating: topaz

Create a configuration file

Topaz expects a configuration file the config.yaml file to be in $HOME/.config/topaz/cfg/config.yaml. The configuration file can be created using the topaz configure command, documented here.

For example, to use the sample policy, you can run the following:

./topaz configure -d -s -r -n policy-todo

This will create a directory structure in $HOME/.config/topaz like this:

├──  certs
│ ├── gateway-ca.crt
│ ├── gateway.crt
│ ├── gateway.key
│ ├── grpc-ca.crt
│ ├── grpc.crt
│ └── grpc.key
├── cfg
│ └── config.yaml
└── db
└── directory.db

Run the topaz daemon

TOPAZ_DIR=$HOME/.config/topaz ./topazd run -c $HOME/.config/topaz/cfg/config.yaml