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The Topaz CLI


topaz is available on Linux, macOS and Windows platforms.

  • Via Homebrew for macOS or LinuxBrew for Linux

    brew tap aserto-dev/tap && brew install aserto-dev/tap/topaz
  • On Windows 10+

    Download the topaz_windows_x86_64.msi file from the GitHub releases page and execute the MSI.

  • Via a GO install

    go install


Usage: topaz <command>

Topaz CLI

backup backup directory data
configure configure topaz service
export export directory objects
install install topaz
import import directory objects
load load a manifest file
restore restore directory data
save save a manifest file
start start topaz instance
status display topaz instance status
stop stop topaz instance
version version information
uninstall uninstall topaz, removes all locally installed artifacts

-h, --help Show context-sensitive help.

Run "topaz <command> --help" for more information on a command.