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The Topaz CLI


topaz is available on Linux, macOS and Windows platforms.

  • Via Homebrew for macOS or LinuxBrew for Linux

    brew tap aserto-dev/tap && brew install aserto-dev/tap/topaz
  • On Windows 10+

    Download the topaz_windows_x86_64.msi file from the GitHub releases page and execute the MSI.

  • Via a GO install

    go install


Usage: topaz <command>

Topaz CLI

start start topaz in daemon mode
stop stop topaz instance
status status of topaz daemon process
run run topaz in console mode
manifest manifest commands
test test assertions commands
templates template commands
console open console in the browser
import import directory objects
export export directory objects
backup backup directory data
restore restore directory data
install install topaz container
configure configure topaz service
certs cert commands
update update topaz container version
uninstall uninstall topaz container
load load manifest from file (DEPRECATED)
save save manifest to file (DEPRECATED)
version version information

-h, --help Show context-sensitive help.
-N, --no-check disable local container status check ($TOPAZ_NO_CHECK)

Run "topaz <command> --help" for more information on a command.

If you don't add the Topaz self-signed certs to your trust chain, you'll need to execute most commands that interact with Topazd using the -i (insecure) flag.